July 13, 2020

Dr. Rachel Angel, PharmD | Founder + CEO of Peerro

We all remember our first jobs as teenagers.  For Rachel Angel, it was answering the phone and sweeping the floor at a hair salon.


“Lots of us start out doing something manual.  And it’s a character and confidence builder,” said Angel.


Angel is now Dr. Rachel Angel, having worked her way through six years of university to earn a Doctor of Pharmacy, or PharmD, degree.  While she began her career as a licensed pharmacist, she found inspiration in those early hourly jobs that put money in her pocket and enabled her to forge a path forward.


She founded Peerro, a career pathway management system enabling young people without college degrees to develop skills and land jobs that lead to advancement and financial independence. 


“Peerro is a mission-driven company with bottom line benefits,” said Angel.  “While elevating earning potential and career opportunities for young people, our platform improves business outcomes by creating a pipeline of qualified candidates and reducing employee turnover.”


Peerro, derived from the words “peer” and “hero,” meets students and young adults where they are– it’s a mobile-first platform.  Students can use the free mobile app to find entry level jobs and job training programs in their community.  The app shows job seekers a roadmap of the steps and qualifications required for a given position and allows them to schedule an interview directly.  Peerro works with schools and job preparedness programs to ensure students emerge with skills that match open jobs.  Employers who are registered on the platform receive access to a pool of educator-endorsed, pre-vetted candidates.


“Rachel Angel is a force of nature. She’s driven to simultaneously make a difference to non-degreed workers, while helping employers hire motivated, entry level team members. At CincyTech, we readily saw the large market opportunity and Peerro’s scalable business model,” said Stacey Browning, managing director at CincyTech.  

CincyTech has made an initial investment in Peerro, the terms of which are undisclosed.


Job seekers can download the Peerro app for free.  Job training programs and employers can learn more and register by visiting  Peerro is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio.