Advisory Board

Steve Baker, Vice President, private equity, Fort Washington Capital Partners
William Ball, Vice President of research, The University of Cincinnati
Michele Blair, Director of Economic Development, City of Mason
Chris Fister, Partner, Castellini Foundation
Daniel Fleming, Managing Director, River Cities Capital
Daniel Geeding, Chief Financial Officer & VP, the Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati
Ellen Katz, President and CEO, Greater Cincinnati Foundation
Tim Maloney, President and CEO, Haile/U.S. Bank Foundation
John McIlwraith, Managing Director, Allos Ventures
Maribeth Rahe, President and CEO, Fort Washington Investment Advisors
John Rice, Managing Partner, Triathlon Medical Ventures
Henry Schneider, Principal, Dov Limited
Tim Schroeder, CEO CTI Clinical Trial and Consulting Services
David Willbrand, Partner, Thompson Hine