CincyTech’s portfolio consists of high-growth technology companies that receive dedicated, hands-on assistance from CincyTech’s team of experts in IT and bioscience. Representing a broad range of business models and stages of development, CincyTech’s portfolio offers investment opportunities for individuals, venture funds and strategic investors.

For Accredited Individual Investors

As one of a handful of institutional seed-stage investors in the country, CincyTech is an excellent investment partner for accredited high-net-worth individuals and family offices. Partnering with CincyTech provides access to unique, qualified deal flow that is guided by our internal team of experts in early-stage company development. Investing with CincyTech also provides individual investors access to follow-on venture-stage investment rounds that are typically closed to individuals. We bring a unique combination of scientific/technical, legal, financial and investment abilities to seed-stage investing.

For Venture Funds

CincyTech works intensively with our maturing portfolio companies to prepare them for venture investment. We take an institutional approach to investment structure, governance, and management team preparation. We constantly work to understand key investment milestones for future rounds and welcome inquiries about our portfolio. Follow-on investors in our portfolio include Novartis Ventures, Sequoia Capital, Claremont Creek Ventures, Draper Triangle and Braemer Energy Ventures.

For Strategic Investors

Technologies advanced by our portfolio companies are having a significant impact on bioscience, software and consumer digital markets. Strategic investors benefit from investing in our portfolio companies both financially and competitively. One of our strategic investors is gaining insight into an emerging trend in behavioral health treatment that is critical to its long-term growth plans. Another is using a state-of-the-art diagnostic platform in one of the world’s fastest-growing economies to battle a persistent tropical disease that threatens improving living standards.

We welcome inquiries from investors about our portfolio companies: Email Peg Rusconi